Cannabis ointment with herbs

Cannabis ointment with herbs
Takes care of itchy and problematic skin. It is also suitable for dry skin and skin that is constantly subject to the city stress. It hydrates and regenerates the skin. It is suitable for skincare in psoriatic diseases, for massaging skin in decubitus, and for ageing and sensitive skin, as well as for use in different dermatologic problems. It has a general soothing effect on the skin, maintaining it fresh and suppressing its irritation and reactivity. It reduces the incidence of dry, rough and scaly areas on the skin.

The Cannabis Product Ointment is made in a unique and complex way. You can see the remains of the herbal pollen in the ointments. Each ointment passes through a careful manufacturing process without using an oil extract.

The herbs contained in the ointment are approved and registered for cultivation in the European Union countries.

MANUFACTURER:Gen.Hrušky 1233/26, Ostrava- Mar. Hory, 709 00, Czech Republic

WORKING PREMISES:Skřipov 139, Skřipov, 747 45 Czech Republic

Made in the Czech Republic


Instructions for use: Rub over the affected place at least twice per day, massaging the ointment into the skin gently.

Storage: store in temperature of 15-25 °C
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