Cannabis ointment with beeswax

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Cannabis ointment with beeswax
Cannabis ointment with beeswax is suitable for the regeneration of dry and cracked skin irritated by the sun; it is suitable for skincare in mild forms of acne, insect bites or in minor injuries/scratches/, in pruritic skin, and for treating the skin prone to the formation of varicose ulcers.

The Cannabis Product Ointment is made in a unique and complex way. You can see the remains of the herbal pollen in the ointments. Each ointment passes through a careful manufacturing process without using an oil extract.

The herbs contained in the ointment are approved and registered for cultivation in the European Union countries.

MANUFACTURER:Gen.Hrušky 1233/26, Ostrava- Mar. Hory, 709 00, Czech Republic

WORKING PREMISES:Skřipov 139, Skřipov, 747 45 Czech Republic

Made in the Czech Republic


Instructions for use: Rub over the affected place at least twice per day, massaging the ointment into the skin gently.

Storage: store in temperature of 15-25 °C
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