Dermatologically tested.
Hand-made only.
The ointments are made from the direct share of cannabis plants and herbs, without using oil extracts.

About us and what differentiates us from other cannabis ointments.

The phrase cannabis ointment evokes negative or even repelling emotions in many people, thanks to the Czech legislation. A lot of people perceive cannabis only as a drug, which is best to stay away from. Nevertheless, the healing effects of cannabis have been clear and undisputable. People have benefited from these healing effects all over the world, through all the continents, for thousands of years, and for several decades, cannabis has been also used in medicine in the civilized world. The cannabis ointment is a phenomenon that made it into the Czech Republic, too. Our politicians can no longer ignore the demonstrable healing effects, and cannabis has recently been legalized as a cure even in our country.

We now have a chance to buy cannabis for medical purposes in the Czech Republic, and use it to make different types of vaseline, cannabis ointments and other cannabis extracts helping to live a healthier life. All the cannabis ointments currently on sale contain an extract of cannabis oil from pressed seeds. We are glad to be the first to offer a cannabis ointment manufactured according to the original prescription, not from the oil extract, but from the cannabis pollen with other herbs added.
Our cannabis ointments have anti-inflammatory, regenerative and antibacterial qualities. The cannabis ointment helps in healing wounds, burns, it prevents ageing of the skin, removes wrinkles and hydrates the skin, and it helps against eczema.

We currently manufacture 5 types of cannabis ointments.
Herbal cannabis ointment, Pure cannabis ointment, Chilli cannabis ointment, Oak bark cannabis ointment, and Beeswax cannabis ointment.
We work with a great amount of responsibility; each cannabis ointment we make is inspected, and we are certain as to the quality of our cannabis ointments.
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